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Life is short! It is important to enjoy the journey and pause to celebrate life’s moments along the way. I believe in celebrating those important milestones; birthdays, weddings, name it and it can be celebrated! In my years creating fun moments & memories, I've learned that sometimes you just need a hand making it happen.  That's where I come in!
Foster is my maiden name and many of my friends still refer to me as just "Foster".   While this company is a nod to my nickname, it's more importantly a testament to my Grandma Judy.  She always believed in putting every ounce of energy into our birthdays and holidays. She was known for having the most American Flags in her yard for the 4th of July and packing so many beautifully wrapped presents under the Christmas Tree.  The name Foster also means to encourage or promote - so here I am living and breathing her legacy, every day and aiming to make it easy for you to celebrate too! 
I decided to create Foster the Fun as both a resource to help you plan or prepare for your next celebration. For those of you that are just looking for someone to help you make those Pinterest dreams come true, I am here for that too!

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Hi, friends!  I’m Rachel Maley & I believe in the joy of celebrating life’s greatest moments. Life is busy and before we know it a year has passed. I aim to create effortless, easy, fast ways for you to keep the celebrations going so you can focus on the fun!

For as long as I can remember I have been involved in spirit committees and cheering others on. I get the biggest smile on my face when someone tells me “I don’t normally do this but you helped encourage me to do this” or “you helped make it easy”. I believe that it should be - easy to maximize your time celebrating with the ones you love. There is truly a day for everything! 

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